This page is our pricelist. Some of the prices are in the form of "from - to". The final price varies, depending on the difficulty of the surgical intervention.

You will be examined to your complete satisfaction. We offer comfortable environment without uneccessary waiting times.

Comprehensive eye exam 45-50€
Eye exam for glasses 30€
Eye background exam 20€
Cataract exam with measuring 45€
Glaucoma exam - eye pressure, pachymetry 20€
Optical Coherence Tomography exam (macula lutea, optic nerve) 35€
Front of the eye exam + treatment 25€
Visual field test 25€
Eye exam for working with display units, driver and firearms license 45€
Colour-vision exam 15€
PRELEX surgery - get rid of glasses forever 1 240€
Cataract surgery - self-payer 590€
Glaucoma surgery 220 - 390 €
Secondary cataract surgery - YAG capsulotomy 50€
Front of the eye surgery - pterygium, tumors, chalazion 120-180 €
Eyelid surgery - blepharoplasty, tumors, ectropion, entropion 180-280 €
Should you seek more detailed information about our prices, please contact our doctors via telephone.